blossom tree art using paper flowers

There is nothing prettier than a cherry tree in full bloom. The National Cherry Blossom Festival held annually in Washington, DC cites their average peak bloom day as April 4th. We fancy ourselves to be amateur festival aficionados, and this one is high on our bucket list. Until then, we must create our own blossom trees using paper flowers and our complimentary tree template. Great fine...

easter egg hunt alternatives

Building with blocks is a huge pastime in our house. Kiddos and adults come together to create amazing things. We've recently graduated from DUPLO blocks to LEGO blocks and our creations have become that much more exciting and intricate. With egg hunting season right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to add some strategy to the hunt and extend the activity to last longer than it takes to gobble down handfuls of jelly beans.

kids gardening

Weeds are deep. Some are edible, have fancy nicknames, heal people, and many even have super powers. They really are amazing and interesting to learn about. This is a great learning activity and as a bonus - gets your yard spruced up!

montessori color tablets lesson

Paint chips are the perfect, free tool for teaching kiddos about color. A Montessori Color Tablets Box is a fantastic and beautiful tool, but might be something to save up for. Paint chips are a nice alternative. In this activity, we sort different tones, tints and shades of the same hues and then we tuck them all away in...

preschool science

We enjoy when our homeschool subjects overlap. In this case, it was art plus science and Valentine's Day seemed like the perfect day to make our mini volcano sculptures that we then had to demolish with baking soda and vinegar lava explosions. Fun!

gift guide for children

Gift giving is so much fun! Whether it's something homemade, thoughtful, practical, or silly, sometimes searching for that perfect gift can be just as rewarding as seeing that special person open what you've found. We've compiled a list of items we think would be useful to any homeschool family on your list. Our shelves are full of these items and we love them all. 

preschool election day explanation apple tasting

With Election Day upon us, I thought it might be a good chance to give the kiddos an introduction to voting and the election process. We have been munching through our latest apple picking bounty and it dawned on me this may be the perfect medium to assist me with this task. If you haven't been apple picking before, I HIGHLY recommend the outing. The crisp Fall air and spectacular orchard views will put everyone in a good mood; not to mention the fact that you get to eat perfect apples fresh from tree!

preschool board games

I've talked before about how often we use puzzles in our homeschool, and today I wanted to share another fun tool that is quickly becoming a kiddo favorite at our house - boxed games! Yep, I've been challenged to quite a few rounds of...

fall pumpkin kindergarten math activity

Fall is such a fantastic time of the year. The hands on learning and field trip opportunities are endless. With pumpkins, squash and gourds abound it's hard to resist those vibrant colors and interesting textures and shapes. The kiddos have been playing non-stop with this little bookcase I put together. Check it out!

fall nature craft tree science

A xylotheque is a library of wood. It acts as a visual representation of a species of tree. Create your own xylotheque with materials from trees. This is an easier task after a windy day or storm when leaves and branches have fallen. Check your woodpile for bark or large splinters of wood.