montessori color tablets lesson

Paint chips are the perfect, free tool for teaching kiddos about color. A Montessori Color Tablets Box is a fantastic and beautiful tool, but might be something to save up for. Paint chips are a nice alternative. In this activity, we sort different tones, tints and shades of the same hues and then we tuck them all away in a matching envelope...

montessori sensorial activity

Replicating a scene from a photo can provide an interesting challenge for kiddos. They can hone their attention to detail, build spatial awareness and learn from trial and error. We present two activities: one Montessori-inspired and one on a larger scale.

water beads and marbles for sensory play

Mixing water beads with clear marbles creates a unique sensory experience. Challenge your kiddos to find all the marbles using their hands. Blindfold them for an intensified experience. Or, if you're like me and prefer to mess with your children for fun, give them a big bowl of water beads and see how long it takes them to figure out there is something off about this sensory bin.


We also thought it would be fun to do a time-lapse for the growth of our water beads. Apparently, we have a lot of free time. Enjoy!


preschool anatomy surgery pretend play

I may have even out-weirded myself in this activity. When you ask your husband to help you fill a human torso mannequin with JELL-O and toy human organs so the kids can pretend they are surgeons, it may be time for some self-evaluation. Of course, it's true love when your husband doesn't bat an eye and actually suggests ideas to improve the process. We are weirdos meant for each other. The kiddos weren't shocked with this one and have asked to repeat the activity multiple times. Who knew a human torso mannequin could bring a family so close...

activities for one year olds

I've realized over the last few weeks that my littlest kiddo (the babe), doesn't get much in terms of activities prepared for him. I spend so much of my time prepping and executing activities for my preschooler and kindergartner, but the babe strikes out. I'm lucky in that he is pretty independent and loves exploring on his own; very handy for a third kiddo! Most of my time with the babe is spent caring for and cuddling him, but not a lot of intentional activities are done.                                            


That is...

insect and bug unit study homeschool

Insects are fascinating. Did you know that a bug is a type of insect? I always thought that bug was the overreaching term for insect, but I was wrong. What makes an insect a bug is the type of mouth it has. Where did I learn this important piece of information you might ask? An encyclopedia? Try again. A consult with an entomologist? Nope. The Internet? Nota. It was from...

cloud sensory bin with shave cream

Do you ever wonder what clouds feel like? We ask ourselves this question often. The oldest kiddo says cotton candy. Our youngest daughter says shaving cream. Of course, she says shaving cream to most things. If she could have any toy in the world she would choose shaving cream. And so, here is our cloud sensory bin filled with shaving cream.

heat sensitive easter eggs

A few weeks ago, we visited a local science museum and were given color changing pencils for completing a survey. The pencils blew my mind and I had to figure out how to make them myself. My brilliant cousin, who remembers everything and has a mind like a steel trap, instantly recalled Hypercolor t-shirts from the 90's and that was my launching point. After an intense Google session, I found the product and basic process I needed to start our color changing experimentation. With Easter right around the corner, eggs seemed the perfect...

baby gross motor with bubble wrap

We are guest posting today over at the awesome site The Inspired Treehouse for their Movement Monday series. YAY! Lauren and Claire are moms and pediatric occupational and physical therapists. Their site, The Inspired Treehouse is filled with activities to inspire us to keep moving. They have kindly asked us to share three activities that promote gross motor skills. We love moving and are super excited to share! Check out the details of our first...

rainbow thunder stix DIY

We have a serious tape problem in our house. We never have enough of it! I have set out to change this by buying it in bulk. When I came across this pack of rainbow colors electrical tape I fell in love. I looked very similar to that heart-shaped eyes emoji. Of course, I...

roses are pink audiobook on cd

I've always loved listening to talk radio and my phone is filled with podcasts. There is something about listening for news/entertainment/etc. that has always stuck with me. I still read and watch things, but listening allows me to really immerse myself in the information. It also allows me to make dinner or walk the dog at the same time. We use audiobooks often in our homeschool and on car trips. With the right narration, the kiddos can get really caught up in a story and often ask to continue listening throughout the day.

family love songs

We've compiled a list of our 14 favorite kid-friendly, heart-pumping jams in honor of Valentine's Day. You are required to be as dramatic and expressive as possible while singing along. Props and outrageous dance moves are encouraged. Sing like you mean it folks!


lime zest with grater

Citrus zest smells amazing! Limes, lemons, and oranges will all do. Kiddos will perk right up with this activity.

poured sprinkles with red numbers

It's SPRINKLES! Remember that old commercial where the dog would say "it's BACON!" and run around the house chasing the smell? That's kind of how I feel when I hear a sprinkle shaker. It's SPRINKLES!

orange flower

A garden nursery is such an enthralling place to take kiddos. The smell of soil, flowers, and seedlings is intoxicating. Kiddos will be captivated by all the colors and types of plants. Study the names and requirements for each. We typically wander the aisles debating over which plant needs to come home with us. We usually end up with ten.

blue letter e in colorful lentils

Lentils aren't your typical sensory material, but these tiny little seeds provide a heftier medium than standard sand or salt for Montessori tray writing practice. Leave them dry as is, or add some paint for color and texture.

red keyboard

Keyboards can provide hours of entertainment for kiddos. You will need ear plugs, but they will be happy. Tons of buttons and sounds to explore. It doesn't need to be anything fancy, just a simple model will do.

blue and pink icecubes on paper

Using atypical tools to make art mixes things up a bit. Freeze those fingertips with these ice "brushes" or let the ice cubes melt on their own. You probably have all the supplies already at home for this one.

red and blue rice with gold stars sensory bag

We had a lot of giggles going on when we did this sensory activity. The kiddos thought it was hilarious to stick their hands blindly into the bag and feel around for the stars. They had to rely on their sense of touch without the benefit of seeing the contents of the bag. It was a blast!

bucket of sand with camel and shovel

Digging is fun. When we're not at the beach digging, we're usually in our backyard digging in the garden or at our sand table. This is a smaller scale digging activity that includes desert animals and play shovels. After digging for a bit, the kids ditched the shovel to use their hands instead.

stamping using citrus fruit

The smell of citrus fruit is invigorating. We used lemons, limes and oranges cut in half as stamps to paint these colorful discs. The smell stayed with us throughout the day. There was definitely an increase in our spontaneous dancing that day.

blue azure water painting

Kiddos love color mixing and there is something so soothing about mixing to make an azure sky. Taking this activity outside on a summer's day is the perfect way to get the color just right.

Polar bear in jello sensory tray

Sensory activities that cover multiple senses at once are doing overtime. We are seriously working four of the big five here with the use of frozen coconut cream, Jell-O and arctic animals.

Sea sensory activity

Everybody loves a good themed sensory bin and this one is portable! Tuck it away when the ocean play is over and bring it back out another day filled frogs and turtles.