A is for Aquatic Portable Sensory Bin

portable aquatic sensory bin

Everybody loves a good themed sensory bin and this one is portable! Tuck it away when the ocean play is over and bring it back out another day filled frogs and turtles.

The Lowdown: 
  1. Fill aquarium with desired amount of rice. This will vary depending on your tank size. (Tank pictured took three pounds.)
  2. Once you are happy with amount, pour rice into plastc bags (as needed.) Add five to ten drops of blue food coloring to each. Seal and shake bag to coat rice. Add more coloring until you reach your desired saturation. Dry overnight.
  3. Assemble your aquarium by adding dryed rice, decor and aquatic life. Kiddos can discover and rearrange all they wish!
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The Flipside: 

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