A is for Arctic Sensory Tray

arctic multi-sensory themed activity

Sensory activities that cover multiple senses at once are doing overtime. We are seriously working four of the big five here with the use of frozen coconut cream, Jell-O and arctic animals.


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The Lowdown: 
  1. Spray paint cookie sheet following can directions. Let dry.
  2. Fill molds with coconut cream. If using popsicle molds, leave out sticks. Freeze.
  3. Prepare Jell-O and pour half into cookie sheet. Once firm, this will act as base for sensory bin. Pour remaining half into loaf pan. This will be cut into cubes after firm.
  4. Assemble by adding coconut cream glaciers and Jell-O ice formations to prepared cookie sheet. Throw in arctic animals and let the sensory explosion begin.
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