kids recycled craft alien spacecraft

Greetings Earthlings! These tomato containers screamed UFO craft to us. They have such an interesting shape and went along perfectly with our hunt to find creative uses for our recyclables. The finished spacecraft are perfect for alien invasion pretend play. On with the details!

best alphabet books for preschoolers

Alphabet books are the best. Regularly we hunt through the shelves of the local library looking for new titles that celebrate letters. Once we've fallen for a book we usually end up adding it to our home library. Today, we have gathered our Top 26 Alphabet Books for your review.

kids anagram activity

Who's up for some word play?! Simple anagrams are a great way to look at words differently. Readers and pre-readers alike will "listen" but rarely be "silent" during this activity. HA! I crack myself up.

Sea sensory activity

Everybody loves a good themed sensory bin and this one is portable! Tuck it away when the ocean play is over and bring it back out another day filled frogs and turtles.

backyard kids archaeological dig pretend play

We are listening to The Story of the World on CD and are so digging it! I ordered the companion Activity Book and am so glad I did. It is full of review questions, additional reading references, maps, coloring pages, and awesome activities to go along with each chapter. We borrowed the archaeological dig concept from the book, but expanded it for a few days worth of archaeological adventure. Let's dig in!

Polar bear in jello sensory tray

Sensory activities that cover multiple senses at once are doing overtime. We are seriously working four of the big five here with the use of frozen coconut cream, Jell-O and arctic animals.

flowers and vases montessori practical life

We follow a lot of Montessori methods in our homeschooling. The lesson of arranging flowers in the practical life area is a special activity. We generally collect flowers in the spring or summer from our yard, but we had to make a run to the grocery store floral department as winter is STILL happening here. We thought fresh flowers might cheer up the house and add to our Valentine's decor.

free art lessons for kids using colored glue

Free art lessons are the best. The web is filled with great resources including our new fave - Dick Blick Art Lessons! Blick Art has been a hot spot for us over the years. We shopped there often when Mr. eager Ed was an art student, and now we enjoy taking the kiddos. Our oldest is especially into art and she loves getting the Blick catalogs in the mail. We've started budgeting in monthly...

roses are pink audiobook on cd

I've always loved listening to talk radio and my phone is filled with podcasts. There is something about listening for news/entertainment/etc. that has always stuck with me. I still read and watch things, but listening allows me to really immerse myself in the information. It also allows me to make dinner or walk the dog at the same time. We use audiobooks often in our homeschool and on car trips. With the right narration, the kiddos can get really caught up in a story and often ask to continue listening throughout the...

blue azure water painting

Kiddos love color mixing and there is something so soothing about mixing to make an azure sky. Taking this activity outside on a summer's day is the perfect way to get the color just right.