blossom tree art using paper flowers

There is nothing prettier than a cherry tree in full bloom. The National Cherry Blossom Festival held annually in Washington, DC cites their average peak bloom day as April 4th. We fancy ourselves to be amateur festival aficionados, and this one is high on our bucket list. Until then, we must create our own blossom trees using paper flowers and our complimentary tree template. Great fine...

montessori color matching printable

Up, up and away! Have you ever been to a hot air balloon take off? AMAZING! We went for the the first time a few weeks ago and I fell in love. Seeing hot air balloons lift off is spectacular. We were inspired to put together a few activities to go with our Buoyant Balloons printable pack. Download your copy and check out our color matching fun now.

kids gross motor bowling ball painting

Getting messy is the little man's favorite thing to do. He also likes being outside and he loves doing things his older sisters get to do. So naturally, bowling with paint seemed like the perfect activity to keep him busy. This is also a great gross motor activity for the older kiddos.

pink balance beam DIY

Activity number seven of Fitness in February brings a DIY balance beam. We had to fancify it a little, but it really is a simple piece of equipment that keeps kiddos active and can be used indoors and out. Our balance beam was under $15 and took us all on a Home Depot outing. Good times!

kid size shopping cart ball races

Welcome to stop number six on our Fitness in February series! Today is ball races! Seriously, these plastic balls (aka play or pit balls) are tons of fun. They are tucked into every nook and cranny of my house. The kiddos keep coming up with different ways to play with them. The babe loves them the most. He usually has one in each and hand and is eyeing a third trying to figure out how to get it to his mouth. We've gathered a list of six ways to...

egg carton craft colorful binoculars

The eldest eager Ed kiddo came up with this one. She had egg cartons and string and created these fantastic binoculars. Great way to recycle those leftover egg cartons. Plus they are the perfect accessory for any stylish outing!

berry picking family outing

Berries, berries and more berries. We grow them, we harvest them, we create with them, and we eat them. We LOVE them! Going berry picking is one of our favorite early summer activities. We try and stock up for the whole year, but somehow we always underestimate. It's hard to stop eating fresh berries because they are so yummy, but we try to freeze a big chunk of our bounty for the sunless, endless winter months. I've included our freezing method below.

bejeweled birdhouse craft

Doesn't every bird deserve a bejeweled birdhouse? Actually, this one lives indoors because it's just too pretty and we didn't want any real birds taking away our jewels. We used some fancy fine motor skills to create this bluebird's house.

bow coloring page with crayons

Bows are everywhere in our house. No thing or no one is safe from getting a bow put on, including baby brother. We created this bow printable for our little designers. Download for your kiddos and then your house can be filled with bows just as ours is. You're welcome!