coloring changing bracelets

The kiddos had a ton of fun making these bracelets! They ran from inside, to outside, and then back in giggling and hiding inside a dark closet. The beads are clear when you're inside, change to color outside in sunlight, and then glow in the dark. Yep, they are that awesome. The color changes amazingly fast and is so vibrant. We added an element of intrigue by coding the bracelets to reveal secret messages when they change.

cloud sensory bin with shave cream

Do you ever wonder what clouds feel like? We ask ourselves this question often. The oldest kiddo says cotton candy. Our youngest daughter says shaving cream. Of course, she says shaving cream to most things. If she could have any toy in the world she would choose shaving cream. And so, here is our cloud sensory bin filled with shaving cream.

coloring mixing with playdough STEM STEAM

The kiddos love to build and building with playdough has been high on their building bucket list. We have been looking for the perfect building material to go along with the playdough. It needed to be something that was strong, not too pokey and colorful of course. We had a major score when we found these colorful popsicle sticks at the dollar store. Yeehaw! I don't need much of a reason to make colorful playdough, so off we went.

child playing crawling soccer

I totally confused the kiddos on this one. They loved the idea of playing soccer indoors, but quickly gave me puzzled looks when I told them they could use their hands. "But mama, coach says no hands during soccer!" Oops! I went with the explanation that this type of soccer is completely different then the soccer they play outdoors. That indoor soccer must be played while crawling, with a tiny soccer ball, and that you could use your hands while playing. This gives an extra challenge and saves me from replacing the glass...

love cards purple and red

Do you have any kiddos who need cutting practice? We've got the activity for you! Cutout letters and shapes to create your own custom Valentine cards. This would also be a great set of cards to give your kiddos on love day or to use as decoration.

fine motor and color activity

We connect fine motor practice and color matching in this activity. There is something kiddos find captivating about using clothespins and clips. We used hearts for our garland in preparation for Valentine's Day. It makes a great activity or decoration for a Valentine's PARTY! We like to party around here.

rotary phone cipher worksheet printable

We like to pretend we are spies. We dress in disguise, create secret messages, and eavesdrop on each other. We also love retro home appliances, so we combined both in this FREE simple cipher printable.

Colorful letter crayons

We jumped onto the crayon mold train and loved our ride. Surprisingly, we used these crayons more to identify letter sounds than to actually color. It's a craft/art and science project all rolled into one. The kiddos watched the crayons go from solid, to liquid, to solid again. Great intro to melting and freezing points. Check out this Melting Points Game from Science Kids. And I digress - sorry, onto the crayons...

stamping using citrus fruit

The smell of citrus fruit is invigorating. We used lemons, limes and oranges cut in half as stamps to paint these colorful discs. The smell stayed with us throughout the day. There was definitely an increase in our spontaneous dancing that day.

printable montessori fine motor counting activity

Hanging real carrots on a clothesline doesn't make much sense, but hanging these adorable FREE printable carrots does. Anytime we bring out a clothesline the kiddos are enamored with hanging things on it. Squeezing the pin just the right way to catch the carrot and the clothesline keeps those little fingers busy. Add an extra layer of fun, by using the included number cards to practice counting. Be sure to have a snack of carrots waiting because...

fisher price classic camera

Taking pictures is fun. Our kiddos love to use their camera (pictured) to snap "photos" of us. Usually when we're eating or with extreme bedhead. Picture taking must be in our DNA because us adults love it to. Such a simple thing, but something we all do over and over again. Introduce your kiddos to a camera, whether it's real or pretend, and see the creativity unfold.