C is for Cloud Sensory Bin

cloud sensory bin with shave cream
puffy cloud sensory bin
colored water and cloud science
color mixing with shave cream
shave cream and water bead sensory bin

Do you ever wonder what clouds feel like? We ask ourselves this question often. The oldest kiddo says cotton candy. Our youngest daughter says shaving cream. Of course, she says shaving cream to most things. If she could have any toy in the world she would choose shaving cream. And so, here is our cloud sensory bin filled with shaving cream.


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The Lowdown: 

The only prep needed for this sensory bin is to mix water and liquid watercolors in squeeze bottles.

  1. Provide a plastic tub to kiddos.
  2. Hand over the squeeze bottle colors, glitter and shave cream.
  3. The eager Ed kiddos started by layering the shave cream. Then they added the coloring and stirred with craft sticks. Next was the glitter. The middle kiddo was very precise with her glitter placement. We discussed how clouds are made up of water and ice and how the colors and glitter represented that.
  4. Then they dug in with their hands! The idea of adding water beads was all theirs and it turned out to be a great addition. The beads sunk straight to the bottom through the shaving cream. They said this was like when rain formed as a rain cloud got too full.


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The Flipside: 


This looks like something my kids will love to no end.  Does having a "sensory bin" large enough control the messes?

Hi Orana!

We used one of those big 60+ quart see through storage bins and the mess stayed pretty contained. They had shave cream and glitter up past their elbows, but not too bad. Glitter finds its way throughout my house no matter how hard I try to fight it, so I just give into it. wink


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