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The kiddos had a ton of fun making these bracelets! They ran from inside, to outside, and then back in giggling and hiding inside a dark closet. The beads are clear when you're inside, change to color outside in sunlight, and then glow in the dark. Yep, they are that awesome. The color changes amazingly fast and is so vibrant. We added an element of intrigue by coding the bracelets to reveal secret messages when they change.


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  • Color Changing Pony Beads They even came with stretch strings!
  • Regular Pony Beads These beads came with the colors all mixed together so we sorted them. It's kind of relaxing; the kiddos really liked doing it.
The Lowdown: 
  1. To start the bracelet, I suggest tying a bead to one end of the stretch string. This bead will be removed when you're finished, but it helps the beads stay on while the kiddos are designing their bracelet (it prevents a bead explosion from happening in your living room.)
  2. Decide what messages you would like to put on the bracelet. We chose "i love you" or 1, 4, 3. "Be brave" or 2, 5. And "you can do it" or 3, 3, 2, 2. You will add a few of the regular beads to get started, then if you're using "i love you" you would put 1 color changing bead, 1 regular bead, 4 color changing beads, 1 regular bead, and 3 color changing beads. Add a few more regular beads to finish off the bracelet.
  3. Tie the bracelet with a surgeon's knot. Carolyn Schulz provides a great visual for this.
  4. Add colored ribbon to make them extra fancy.


We think these bracelets would be great for camping, to use as a nightlight, or to send special messages to a pen pal. It would be fun to make the bracelets on a sunny day during an outside playdate, too.


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