fuzzy nose with glasses

We like to dress up at our house. Fairy dresses, bumble bee wings, and safari hats all have their time and place, but most often it's the grownups stuff that kiddos like most. I am a broken record when it comes to reminding the kiddos that they can't just rip my ironed dresses from the hangers and paw my clean shirts with their sticky hands. The solution - a stash of grownup clothes and shoes all their own. It consists of our old items and things we've picked up at garage sales. It doesn't completely keep them out of my...

various yellow containers

Opening jars, squeezing spray bottles, snapping shampoo open, and pumping hand soap are all important life skills. Help your kiddos master these tasks by setting up a dexterity station. Kiddos can practice opening and closing with water filled or unfilled containers. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how long they spend working on this one.

bucket of sand with camel and shovel

Digging is fun. When we're not at the beach digging, we're usually in our backyard digging in the garden or at our sand table. This is a smaller scale digging activity that includes desert animals and play shovels. After digging for a bit, the kids ditched the shovel to use their hands instead.