D is for Desert

sand digging activity for kids
sand sensory activity for kids

Digging is fun. When we're not at the beach digging, we're usually in our backyard digging in the garden or at our sand table. This is a smaller scale digging activity that includes desert animals and play shovels. After digging for a bit, the kids ditched the shovel to use their hands instead.


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  • Play Sand - Check your local hardware or home improvement store.
  • Bucket
  • Digging Tools
  • Desert Life - We have so many sets of Safari Ltd TOOB's. They are so detailed, a fabulous learning tool, and a homeschool must. The kiddos use them for everything. For this activity we used a mix of the Desert TOOB set and the Wild TOOB set.
Fancify It: 
The Lowdown: 

If fancifying digging tools, spray paint per can instructions. Let dry. Seal spray paint. Let dry.

  1. Fill bucket with sand adding desert animals as you go.
  2. Instruct kiddos to dig for animals. Use hands, shovels, sifters, rakes - whatever works! Repeat.
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