E is for Edible Finger Painting

edible finger painting with berries for babies

I've realized over the last few weeks that my littlest kiddo (the babe), doesn't get much in terms of activities prepared for him. I spend so much of my time prepping and executing activities for my preschooler and kindergartner, but the babe strikes out. I'm lucky in that he is pretty independent and loves exploring on his own; very handy for a third kiddo! Most of my time with the babe is spent caring for and cuddling him, but not a lot of intentional activities are done.                                            


That is all changing now! I've discovered a secret. It is coincidentally titled DISCOVER! The amazing Jamie at Hands On As We Grow has authored DISCOVER: Hands on Weekly Activity Plans for One Year Olds eBook.


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The Lowdown: 

Jamie has put together some awesome new eBooks for the early years, and we've have had so much fun with them. We borrowed one of her ideas for edible finger painting from DISCOVER. We went with frozen berries, because the babe loves berries. I took some berries from the freezer and handed them over to him. We decided his high chair tray provided the best canvas and it was easily cleanable. As you can see, he loved it.


berries used as edible finger paint

baby finger paintint

baby messy with edible finger paint

Shirts were optional, and the berries did not last long.


If you aren't familiar with Jamie and the beautiful Hands On As We Grow, you must visit and subscribe to her newsletter. She is extremely encouraging, supportive, and I'm convinced  she doubles as a superhero. I love her activities because they are simple and thoughtful. Her eBook bundle provides 20 weeks of activities with supply lists and include activities for gross motor, fine motor, craft, sensory, shapes, colors, numbers, letters, family activities (these will melt your heart) AND so much more!



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