fall pumpkin kindergarten math activity

Fall is such a fantastic time of the year. The hands on learning and field trip opportunities are endless. With pumpkins, squash and gourds abound it's hard to resist those vibrant colors and interesting textures and shapes. The kiddos have been playing non-stop with this little bookcase I put together. Check it out!

flight homeschool unit

One of our favorite people to learn about is Amelia Earhart. Her life story is filled with courage, determination, and grit. All things we admire. We will be celebrating her birthday on July 24th and have prepped with a unit study about flight. Check out all the ways we explored things that fly!

mini flags and montessori practical life

The kiddos are really into flags lately so we decided to do a little mini-unit introduction to flags. We worked in a few Montessori inspired activities as well as a little art and game play. The study ended up being the perfect timing to help us begin celebrating the US Independence holiday. Score!

preschool printable pack

We are ramping up for summer and some of our favorite activities - like going to the FAIR! We LOVE the fair! Farm animals, colorful rides, food on-a-stick - seriously, what's not to love? Here are two fair themed printable packs to get the kiddos ready for summer. We worked hard to include all the best fair bits without the sunburn and sugar crash. The kiddos highly approve of both packs and often request the activities especially when it's cold outside. They love to stick pictures of themselves through the little animal and vegetable...

cutout farm animals in playdough

Springtime means adorable baby farm animals. Our mama and babe farm animal puzzles are so cute it hurts. They are great beginner spelling puzzles and an awesome way to learn about farm animals. Download our FREE Farm Animal Spelling Puzzles NOW! Be sure to check out our Explore More section below to download our complete Preschool Farm Animal printable pack for FREE. Happy Spring!

kids fitness series

Welcome to our Fitness in February series! Winter is always a challenging time for us to keep active. Rain and cold weather don't motivate us as well as sunshine does. Finding indoor outlets that keep our attention seriously tests our creativity. We are stepping up our game this month, working hard to keep the eager Ed kiddos active indoors. Our hope is that this series will help you find some new energy busters for your littles. Each week in February, we will be sharing ideas so be sure to check back throughout the month. We'd love to hear...

modeling clay colorful flowers

Using dough or modeling clay is so good for little hands. It helps develop those important hand muscles that make writing happen. Plus, it's always an enjoyable time when we break out the modeling clay. In this activity, we use cool molds to shape flowers to add onto our...

blue feather with pink paint

Feathers are interesting to look at. Kiddos enjoy just holding them in their little hands. We use feathers as our painting tool and as part of the art itself in this activity.

hanging flower basket

We are lucky to live in a state that fully embraces farmers' markets. Every community has their own, and when the weather warms, you can find one open every day of the week until the cold sets in. The farm stands packed fully with fresh fruits and veggies. The local handmade treats and wares. You can get lost in the rich aromas, vibrant colors, and lively conversation. It truly is an experience all its own and we are thankful for our farmers. Setup your own play farmers' market with this activity. Make it as fancy or simple as you like.