preschool board games

I've talked before about how often we use puzzles in our homeschool, and today I wanted to share another fun tool that is quickly becoming a kiddo favorite at our house - boxed games! Yep, I've been challenged to quite a few rounds of Memory lately, and I'm loving the interest from the kiddos. Hands-on learning is the best kind of early learning, and we've put our game brains together to come up with a list of our favorite boxed games for you to have a little hands-on learning at your house.

ping pong gross motor activity

Get ready to print some awesome gross and fine motor fun! Gemstone Games includes five colorful gemstone inspired games including Blingo (our version of bingo), Gem Pong Drop, Gem Match, Gemory, and the adorable and popular Ring Toss with freaky fingers! Games can be played indoors or out. Our preschooler loves playing Gemory and Gem Match by herself.

recycle basketball montessori globe

The oldest kiddo asked to make a globe in honor of Earth Day. We brainstormed materials that were round or that we could make round, and sporting equipment kept coming up. Soccer balls, baseballs, tennis balls, and BASKETBALLS! We love painting on non-traditional surfaces and these old basketballs gave us such inspiration. We used our Montessori Globe as our model and studied details in our World Atlas and these awesome Continent Cards from Imagine Our Life.

baby gross motor with bubble wrap

We are guest posting today over at the awesome site The Inspired Treehouse for their Movement Monday series. YAY! Lauren and Claire are moms and pediatric occupational and physical therapists. Their site, The Inspired Treehouse is filled with activities to inspire us to keep moving. They have kindly asked us to share three activities that promote gross motor skills. We love moving and are super excited to share! Check out the details of our first gross motor activity below and then head on over to The Inspired Treehouse.

summer garden planning with kids

I always try to sketch out a simple schematic of how I'd like our summer garden to look. It doesn't always pan out exactly the way I pencil, but it gives me a good start for ordering seeds and calculating how much soil I'll need. The oldest kiddo has always loved to add her pizzazz to my pedestrian drawings. This year, we worked together to plot our horticulture aspirations. Kiddos enjoy giving their input and I've found, will work harder to help out with the garden if they are involved from the beginning.

gold guitar

I am not a musical person. I like listening to music, but I can't play any instruments or hold a tune. I may be slightly scarred due to an ill-fated musical performance as a child in which I was required to fill in as an understudy and couldn't figure out when I should begin singing my portion of the song. Oh, and I once threw up on a piano during a lesson. Despite my lack of musical prowess, I really want my kiddos to embrace music to the fullest. Lucky for us, Mr. eager Ed is a talented musician. In this activity, we design and decorate our own guitars. Now, this is something I can get into.