G is for Gross Motor Activities with Bubble Wrap

kids gross motor activities with bubble wrap
kids gross motor activities with bubble wrap and rolling pin
fish whack baby and kid gross motor with bubble wrap

We are guest posting today over at the awesome site The Inspired Treehouse for their Movement Monday series. YAY! Lauren and Claire are moms and pediatric occupational and physical therapists. Their site, The Inspired Treehouse is filled with activities to inspire us to keep moving. They have kindly asked us to share three activities that promote gross motor skills. We love moving and are super excited to share! Check out the details of our first gross motor activity below and then head on over to The Inspired Treehouse.

The Lowdown: 

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  1. Fish Whack - Download our FREE Fish printable for this game.


    We intended this activity for our three and five year old kiddos, but the babe quickly became engrossed with it when I tapped the bubble wrap ocean too low to the ground. I cut a long piece of bubble wrap (roughly 7 feet) and scalloped the top edge to mimic ocean waves. I then adhered the bubble wrap ocean to the wall using double-sided tape. Don't worry about it being too straight, you'll drive yourself crazy. Trust me! We added the fish and then let the kiddos loose.


    When the bubble wrap was lower to the ground, it was the perfect encouragement for the babe to stand up and whack at the fish. He had a great time reaching and squatting, smacking the fish while he walked along the wall. For the older kiddos, we raised the bubble wrap ocean so they would have to jump up to reach the fish. For an added challenge, we called out the color for each fish they needed to whack. It kept them moving back and forth along the wall.


    ALTERNATIVES: Lay bubble wrap ocean on the floor and have kiddos hop from fish to fish. OR  Lay bubble wrap ocean on the floor and dangle fish from ceiling with fishing line. Have kiddos jump on bubble wrap to try and reach fish.


    HOP on over to Movement Monday on The Inspired Treehouse for all the details on Rolling Pin Races and Popping Paws gross motor activities.

Explore More: 

Here are some of the other ways we played with bubble wrap:

  • Bubble wrap as a Yoga mat
  • Added music and showed off our dance moves on a bubble wrap stage
  • Covered our playroom floor in bubble wrap and rolled

Even with all this, we still have a ton of bubble wrap left. We have plans to use it for more movement, art projects, science, and to wrap a few items to mail to friends. It's great to use over and over again and this type is biodegradable.

The Flipside: 

We also love these gross motor activities:


I got bubblewrap and taped it to my classroom floor .i have toddlers first they came and touched it then they crawled on it and it would pop then one of them jumped up and down another child moved her feet like doing the splits .i have ride on toys one child rode across it every pop brought laughing and giggling along with wide eyed wonder some even used their index finger to poke and pop it

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