gift guide for children

Gift giving is so much fun! Whether it's something homemade, thoughtful, practical, or silly, sometimes searching for that perfect gift can be just as rewarding as seeing that special person open what you've found. We've compiled a list of items we think would be useful to any homeschool family on your list. Our shelves are full of these items and we love them all. 

hands-on learning math uncle goose groovie blocks

Math is a popular subject around our house; especially with our five year old. Just last night Mr. eager Ed went in to tell her it was lights out for bedtime, and she was writing out addition problems in her notepad. Warms my heart. We use Singapore Math and Life of Fred, but also mix in a lot of hands-on math experiences in our homeschool. With her help, I've gathered a list of our current fave hands-on math resources.

seed catalogs

Heirlooms are special. Whether it's a piece of jewelry passed down by each generation of a family or a collection of seeds saved to keep diversity and heritage alive in gardening, heirlooms are always worth preserving. We enjoy gardening with heirloom seeds not only to preserve history, but because it makes us feel special. As an added bonus, heirloom plants sometimes have awesome names! To find out more about heirloom seeds, check out this write up by the Seed Saver Exchange on the difference between open-pollinated, heirloom, and hybrid seeds.

anatomical human heart coloring page

Looking for something a little different this Valentine's Day? Try our FREE anatomical heart coloring pages! Our kiddos are currently obsessed with their internal organs, so this set seemed like a good idea. We've included a simple coloring page and color-by-number. Who does your heart belong to?

green boombox

Shake it to the left, shake it to the right, and break it down with this classic hit. Our kiddos beg for music and this is a fun one to practice identifying your left and right.

multi-color flower headband on purple wig

Make your own headband with our FREE Roses printable. Kiddos can use our colors, or choose their own with the black and white version. Just add ribbon!