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gift guide for children homeschool families

Gift giving is so much fun! Whether it's something homemade, thoughtful, practical, or silly, sometimes searching for that perfect gift can be just as rewarding as seeing that special person open what you've found. We've compiled a list of items we think would be useful to any homeschool family on your list. Our shelves are full of these items and we love them all. 

The Lowdown: 

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  • Science Kits Kits of any kind are pretty great, but science kits take the cake. We like kits from 4M, the Magic School Bus, and Scientific Explorer. This Thames & Kosmos Crystal Growing is pretty epic as well. The kits include most things you need for the learning and experiments (minus water and common household items), and many of them can be used multiple times.


  • Museum or Zoo Membership When homeschool days seem extra long or parents (and kiddos) start to feel a little burned out, field trips are just the ticket! Gifting a membership to a museum or zoo is like giving homeschool families gold. Being able to pack up the kids and go without having to worry about the price of admission is fantastic!
  • Fort Magic This fort building set by Fort Magic has saved me many rainy days. The kiddos will spend hours constructing castles, pirate ships and playhouses. I can't say your furniture will be completely saved from fort building, but they definitely will use couches and dining room chairs less.


  • Monthly Subscription Packages As mentioned before, kiddos love getting mail all their own. Gift a monthly subscription package, and parents will love having to plan and supply one less activity for the month. We have used Kiwi Crate for art and they always include materials and instructions for 2-3 projects per crate and make it super easy to add a sibling to your subscription. The kiddos can generally use their materials over and over again for other art projects. The scissors included with our first crate are still in our home art supplies. The people over at Kiwi Crate have expanded their line to include Koala Crate for the littles, Doodle Crate for your older art lovers, and Tinker Crate for your engineers.


  • Globes and Maps Kiddos learn from their environment and having maps and globes available in their daily life helps them make connections to our world. We started young with a traditional Montessori Globe and have since graduated to a Replogle Globe. We also have a giant world map hanging in our school (aka dining room) that the kiddos like to explore. I seriously heart our Illustrated US Map by Mr. Printables, too.


  • Fitness Equipment We aren't always able to get outside, and staying active indoors can be a challenge. We have a few things in our rotation that help keep indoor fitness exciting and would make perfect gifts: trampolinejump ropesbasketball hoop, or a yoga mat and yoga DVD.
  • Laminator My laminator is my best friend. The Scotch Thermal has been at my side throughout our homeschool journey. Technically, it has been up high away from little fingers, but you get the idea. The laminator is invaluable to a larger homeschool family. We laminate all of our Montessori print materials for durability and to make them reusable. Don't forget the laminating sheets!

  • Electric Pencil Sharpener It may appear silly, but we save so much time with our electric pencil sharpener. We're not frantically running around the house looking for sharpened pencils to do our math or writing lessons. The colored pencils are always sharp and ready to go at art time. Plus, it's fun to use.

  • Gift Cards They may not seem like the most thoughtful gift, but gift cards are awesome. It's really nice to be able to get quality school materials, and gift cards really come in handy. My favorites are Amazon, Discount School Supply, Melissa and DougeBay for Montessori materials, and a gift card can sure go a long way at Dollar Tree.

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  • We also feel Games and Puzzles are nice learning tools for homeschool families.

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