montessori multiplication board printable

We purchased a Multiplication Board a few months back, and really enjoy using it. The kiddos use it for multiplication practice, but also for fine motor work. Quality Montessori materials are worth the investment, but can be a little overwhelming to your homeschool budget. Check out our printable...

printable montessori puzzles

Quilts have always inspired me. The process of making a quilt and the detail that can go into them are fascinating. From the denim quilts my uncle cuddled us into, to the busy hands of my great grandmother and grandmother piecing intricate, original designs together. In our house, quilts mean creativity, warmth, and love. Printable quilt square puzzles are the perfect intro for little ones. Download Quilt Quandaries now and use with foam, felt, paper, cardboard,...

diy montessori place value mat

Hands on math is the best kind of math. That's one of the reasons I love Montessori so much. Kiddos put down the pencils and use all sorts of interesting objects to absorb math concepts. Using a large mat made learning place value a cinch. Here are a few super easy DIY instructions so you can make your own.

flight homeschool unit

One of our favorite people to learn about is Amelia Earhart. Her life story is filled with courage, determination, and grit. All things we admire. We will be celebrating her birthday on July 24th and have prepped with a unit study about flight. Check out all the ways we explored things that fly!

montessori color matching printable

Up, up and away! Have you ever been to a hot air balloon take off? AMAZING! We went for the the first time a few weeks ago and I fell in love. Seeing hot air balloons lift off is spectacular. We were inspired to put together a few activities to go with our Buoyant Balloons printable pack. Download your copy and check out our color matching fun now.

mini flags and montessori practical life

The kiddos are really into flags lately so we decided to do a little mini-unit introduction to flags. We worked in a few Montessori inspired activities as well as a little art and game play. The study ended up being the perfect timing to help us begin celebrating the US Independence holiday. Score!

gross motor math using pedometer

I've always found pedometers to be motivating when it comes to fitness goals. They are a little reminder of what you've accomplished (or still need to!) in a day. We invested in some fairly inexpensive pedometers for the whole family hoping that these little accessories would help with motivating the kiddos, too. It's working! Better yet, we've even found ways to use the pedometer for learning.

wordless picture books

Picture books without words are great for inspiring original stories and creative thought. Kiddos use their noggins to fill in their own stories to match with the pictures provided. My daughter pointed out that kiddos see most books as wordless until they are able to read. They see the letters, but they don't know what they mean, so they just ignore them and "read" the story from the pictures anyway. We've gathered a list of wordless books that spark storytime inspiration for us.

montessori sensorial activity

Replicating a scene from a photo can provide an interesting challenge for kiddos. They can hone their attention to detail, build spatial awareness and learn from trial and error. We present two activities: one Montessori-inspired and one on a larger scale.

preschool printable pack

We are ramping up for summer and some of our favorite activities - like going to the FAIR! We LOVE the fair! Farm animals, colorful rides, food on-a-stick - seriously, what's not to love? Here are two fair themed printable packs to get the kiddos ready for summer. We worked hard to include all the best fair bits without the sunburn and sugar crash. The kiddos highly approve of both packs and often request the activities especially when it's cold outside. They love to stick pictures of themselves through the little animal...