silver toy car letter e

Cars make brilliant backdrops for displaying letters. We were thinking race cars with sponsorships on them when we crafted this one. We spray painted the cars ahead of time to get an even coat, but you could bring kiddos in on the action and have them hand paint the cars instead.

fisher price classic camera

Taking pictures is fun. Our kiddos love to use their camera (pictured) to snap "photos" of us. Usually when we're eating or with extreme bedhead. Picture taking must be in our DNA because us adults love it to. Such a simple thing, but something we all do over and over again. Introduce your kiddos to a camera, whether it's real or pretend, and see the creativity unfold.

hand holding a Ball jar band and magnet bracelet

This accessory connection began with a chance meeting when the kiddos were working on a circle tracing activity. The power magnets got near our canning jar bands and the rest is history. They have been together ever since.

berry picking family outing

Berries, berries and more berries. We grow them, we harvest them, we create with them, and we eat them. We LOVE them! Going berry picking is one of our favorite early summer activities. We try and stock up for the whole year, but somehow we always underestimate. It's hard to stop eating fresh berries because they are so yummy, but we try to freeze a big chunk of our bounty for the sunless, endless winter months. I've included our freezing method below.

bejeweled birdhouse craft

Doesn't every bird deserve a bejeweled birdhouse? Actually, this one lives indoors because it's just too pretty and we didn't want any real birds taking away our jewels. We used some fancy fine motor skills to create this bluebird's house.

bow coloring page with crayons

Bows are everywhere in our house. No thing or no one is safe from getting a bow put on, including baby brother. We created this bow printable for our little designers. Download for your kiddos and then your house can be filled with bows just as ours is. You're welcome!

blue azure water painting

Kiddos love color mixing and there is something so soothing about mixing to make an azure sky. Taking this activity outside on a summer's day is the perfect way to get the color just right.

Polar bear in jello sensory tray

Sensory activities that cover multiple senses at once are doing overtime. We are seriously working four of the big five here with the use of frozen coconut cream, Jell-O and arctic animals.

Sea sensory activity

Everybody loves a good themed sensory bin and this one is portable! Tuck it away when the ocean play is over and bring it back out another day filled frogs and turtles.

blue treasure chest

In honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day, (yes we celebrate everything in our house) we bring you treasure! Pair this with our X Marks the Spot activity and you'll be all set for September 19th.