heat sensitive easter eggs

A few weeks ago, we visited a local science museum and were given color changing pencils for completing a survey. The pencils blew my mind and I had to figure out how to make them myself. My brilliant cousin, who remembers everything and has a mind like a steel trap, instantly recalled Hypercolor t-shirts from the 90's and that was my launching point. After an intense Google session, I found the product and basic process I needed to start our color changing experimentation. With Easter right around the corner, eggs...

baby gross motor with bubble wrap

We are guest posting today over at the awesome site The Inspired Treehouse for their Movement Monday series. YAY! Lauren and Claire are moms and pediatric occupational and physical therapists. Their site, The Inspired Treehouse is filled with activities to inspire us to keep moving. They have kindly asked us to share three activities that promote gross motor skills. We love moving and are super excited to share! Check out the...

hands-on learning math uncle goose groovie blocks

Math is a popular subject around our house; especially with our five year old. Just last night Mr. eager Ed went in to tell her it was lights out for bedtime, and she was writing out addition problems in her notepad. Warms my heart. We use Singapore Math and Life of Fred, but also mix in a lot of hands-on math experiences in our homeschool. With her help, I've gathered a list of our current fave hands-on math resources...

fine motor skills rubber band and wiffle ball

We went super simple with this fine motor activity. I poured out a big bag of rubber bands and the kiddos got to work stretching them onto to plastic balls. As a bonus, the rubber bands made the balls extra bouncy!

montessori moveable alphabet spelling game

When we made the decision to homeschool our kiddos I knew I wanted to incorporate Montessori methods into their learning. In fact, I'd say we began at least a little bit of Montessori when the oldest kiddos were babies. Montessori just feels like a natural approach to early learning. I think it fosters independent learning and that is the primary goal of our homeschool.


Now, we have a diverse approach to curriculum in our house. Some say scattered, I say eclectic. We learn from all sorts of methods and...

summer flower bulbs

Bulbs are an easy way to plant beautiful flowers. You buy the bulbs, throw them in some dirt and in a few short months you will have gorgeous flowers. Easy peasy! Kiddos will love putting on their gloves and digging holes. Check out our recommendations for bulbs you plant in Spring for Summer flowering.

seed catalogs

Heirlooms are special. Whether it's a piece of jewelry passed down by each generation of a family or a collection of seeds saved to keep diversity and heritage alive in gardening, heirlooms are always worth preserving. We enjoy gardening with heirloom seeds not only to preserve history, but because it makes us feel special. As an added bonus, heirloom plants sometimes have awesome names! To find out more about heirloom seeds, check out this write up by the Seed Saver Exchange on...

summer garden planning with kids

I always try to sketch out a simple schematic of how I'd like our summer garden to look. It doesn't always pan out exactly the way I pencil, but it gives me a good start for ordering seeds and calculating how much soil I'll need. The oldest kiddo has always loved to add her pizzazz to my pedestrian drawings. This year, we worked together to plot our horticulture aspirations. Kiddos enjoy giving their input and I've found, will work harder to help out with the garden if they are involved from the beginning.

indoor kids fitness exercise roundup

Check out seven of our favorite indoor fitness activities to keep kiddos moving.

yoga poses nomenclature cards

I may have mentioned before that we love Yoga! Our style is a mash up of several different types of Yoga. We have poses that we practice regularly and so many have great names. The kiddos often call out a pose and quickly jump into form. We developed some basic Yoga Poses Nomenclature Cards to share. They are set up in a Montessori 3-part format, but please use them as you see fit. I would recommend printing them on...