st patricks day in the morning inspired art

Jan Brett is one of our favorite authors and illustrators. When we stumbled upon St. Patrick's Day in the Morning by Eve Bunting, we were delighted to see Jan's illustrations. The technique of using black and white drawings with hints of yellow and green really inspired us....

pink balance beam DIY

Activity number seven of Fitness in February brings a DIY balance beam. We had to fancify it a little, but it really is a simple piece of equipment that keeps kiddos active and can be used indoors and out. Our balance beam was under $15 and took us all on a Home Depot outing. Good times!

rainbow thunder stix DIY

We have a serious tape problem in our house. We never have enough of it! I have set out to change this by buying it in bulk. When I came across this pack of rainbow colors electrical tape I fell in love. I looked very similar to that heart-shaped eyes...

roses are pink audiobook on cd

I've always loved listening to talk radio and my phone is filled with podcasts. There is something about listening for news/entertainment/etc. that has always stuck with me. I still read and watch things, but listening allows me to really immerse myself in the information. It also allows me to make dinner or walk the dog at the same time. We use audiobooks often in our homeschool and on car trips. With the right narration, the kiddos can get really caught up in a story and often ask to continue listening throughout the...

kid size shopping cart ball races

Welcome to stop number six on our Fitness in February series! Today is ball races! Seriously, these plastic balls (aka play or pit balls) are tons of fun. They are tucked into every nook and cranny of my house. The kiddos keep coming up with different ways to play with them. The babe loves them the most. He usually has one in each and hand and is eyeing a third trying to figure out how to get it to his mouth. We've gathered a list of six ways to...

DIY flowered swim cap

Installment number five for Fitness in February brings us indoor swimming! Ok, hear me out. This version of swimming doesn't actually include water, but it does include a gorgeous DIY pretend play swim cap. The kiddos had a really good time with this one. We even got the baby to chase us around like he was a shark. Check out the details below!

melissa and doug yellow and black puzzle pieces preschool

We LOVE puzzles. A treasured tradition for many holidays, is coming together as a family and putting a large puzzle together. They play a big part in our homeschool as well. We pull out a puzzle a minimum of three times a week. Puzzles focus and relax us, but more importantly they bring us together.

sight word charades graphic

Playing charades with kiddos is quite entertaining. They strive to express themselves without using words and that's no small feat when you're five. Testing their sight word recall is an added bonus in this version of the game. We've included a sight word game card printable so you can play, too. Enjoy!

child playing crawling soccer

I totally confused the kiddos on this one. They loved the idea of playing soccer indoors, but quickly gave me puzzled looks when I told them they could use their hands. "But mama, coach says no hands during soccer!" Oops! I went with the explanation that this type of soccer is completely different then the soccer they play outdoors. That indoor soccer must be played while crawling, with a tiny soccer ball, and that you could use your hands while playing. This gives an extra challenge and saves me from replacing the glass...

DIY french vocabulary cards

We are learning French as a family (in hopes of future travels) and are always looking for ways to expand our vocabulary. This idea came to us when we were combing through home magazines for a collage. Our three year old was saying the names of all the things she was cutting out and we expanded on this by gluing the pictures onto cards and writing the word in French.