flowers and vases montessori practical life

We follow a lot of Montessori methods in our homeschooling. The lesson of arranging flowers in the practical life area is a special activity. We generally collect flowers in the spring or summer from our yard, but we had to make a run to the grocery store floral department as winter is STILL happening here. We thought fresh flowers might cheer up the house and add to our Valentine's decor.

kid jumping on trampoline

We discuss three ways to JUMP in part three of our Fitness in February Series. The kiddos absolute favorite is included - the trampoline! Trampolines are awesome because they burn a ton of energy. Check out the details below.

love cards purple and red

Do you have any kiddos who need cutting practice? We've got the activity for you! Cutout letters and shapes to create your own custom Valentine cards. This would also be a great set of cards to give your kiddos on love day or to use as decoration.

wheel of fitness jumping jacks

Wheel of Fitness! Adding an element of suspense to exercise can be fun for everyone. Let chance decide the next move in your routine. Check out the lowdown below.

orange and red painting with hearts

Painting is a regular thing in our house. We mostly use paper, but sometimes we get fancy with a canvas. This invitation to create started clean, composed and with purpose. It ended with handprints on walls and a load of laundry. We think it was well worth it for this beautiful Valentine canvas. It's off to dry for daddy's office!

yoga kids fitness gross motor

Here is post one of our Fitness in February series! We open with our family favorite exercise - YOGA! Yoga has only been in our lives for six months, but it has quickly become the number one go-to in our fitness rotation. Check out the supplies list for our favorite yoga essentials.

kids fitness series

Welcome to our Fitness in February series! Winter is always a challenging time for us to keep active. Rain and cold weather don't motivate us as well as sunshine does. Finding indoor outlets that keep our attention seriously tests our creativity. We are stepping up our game this month, working hard to keep the eager Ed kiddos active indoors. Our hope is that this series will help you find some new energy busters for your littles. Each week in February, we will be sharing ideas so be sure to check back throughout the...

mini red and pink scrolls in glass bottle

We are learning Dolch pre-primer sight words at our house and are always looking for ways to test our kiddos. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we decided to incorporate a little pink and red with our messages in a bottle activity for sight word practice. Kiddos can shake and shout to their heart's content. Warning: You will be singing that...

do a dot purple and green heart valentines

We love using Do A Dot markers to dot our way through the day. My three year old especially enjoys them and so we came up with a way for her to show off her polka dot skills and create Valentine art for her dada.

fine motor and color activity

We connect fine motor practice and color matching in this activity. There is something kiddos find captivating about using clothespins and clips. We used hearts for our garland in preparation for Valentine's Day. It makes a great activity or decoration for a Valentine's PARTY! We like to party around here.