anatomical human heart coloring page

Looking for something a little different this Valentine's Day? Try our FREE anatomical heart coloring pages! Our kiddos are currently obsessed with their internal organs, so this set seemed like a good idea. We've included a simple coloring page and color-by-number. Who does your heart belong to?

family love songs

We've compiled a list of our 14 favorite kid-friendly, heart-pumping jams in honor of Valentine's Day. You are required to be as dramatic and expressive as possible while singing along. Props and outrageous dance moves are encouraged. Sing like you mean it folks!


splatter paint

Splatter painting produces stunning art pieces and gets kiddos moving. See how consumed by art they get once they have the freedom to get messy.

lime zest with grater

Citrus zest smells amazing! Limes, lemons, and oranges will all do. Kiddos will perk right up with this activity.

yurts made out of toothpicks and yogurt cups

Coming up with ways to reuse waste stretches your brain. My kidlets are constantly digging into the recycling to make elaborate machines. In this activity, we make yurts using empty yogurt containers. Yurts are intriguing architecture that is both functional and symbolic. Learn more about yurts at

crown printable

Design your own crown with our FREE Crown Template. Be sure to add lots of color and bling to make it fit for royalty.

egg carton craft colorful binoculars

The eldest eager Ed kiddo came up with this one. She had egg cartons and string and created these fantastic binoculars. Great way to recycle those leftover egg cartons. Plus they are the perfect accessory for any stylish outing!

animal x-rays

Buying or taking the time to make a lightbox for your kiddos is a great investment. They won't use it everyday, but on days when you want something a little extra special, it's the perfect thing. We found these animal x-rays to be super special!

rotary phone cipher worksheet printable

We like to pretend we are spies. We dress in disguise, create secret messages, and eavesdrop on each other. We also love retro home appliances, so we combined both in this FREE simple cipher printable.

tree piece

Did you know that you can tell how old a tree is by counting the rings on its trunk when it is cut down? I learned this fact when I was a small child. I can't remember to take my return back to Target, but I remember this. Go figure! The Arbor Day Foundation has interesting facts about trees including their anatomy. We explore trees in this simple educational activity.