toy fire hat

In this activity, we learn about different uniforms and the community helpers that wear them. From the turnout coats of firefighters to the stethoscopes of doctors, all parts of the uniform are important to the job and for identification.

unicorn horn and blue wings

Dressing up is pretty much an everyday occurrence in our house. Somebody will have wings on, someone will be wearing a mustache, and even the babe will channel LeBron James and wear a sweatband. You can relate...right? Anywho, we like whimsy and what is more whimsical than a unicorn?! Check out our how-to for completing this ensemble. FREE wing template included.

blue boombox

Let's twist! The twist is just plain fun to do. Show your kiddos how to move. Remember, this is another important life skill. Think of all those wedding receptions they'll attend. It's either this or the Macarena. You decide.

thank you cards

Saying thank you is so important. The receiver of the thank you feels special, and the sender of the thanks feels good, too. Taking the time to create and hand write a thank you card is something we do often. The kiddos tailor each note based on what they are thankful for and who is receiving it. It's a nice way for us all to stay connected.

symphony in b toy

The kiddos got their Symphony in B a few years back. It continues to be a favorite musical toy. They enjoy exploring the different sounds and learning the wide range of instrument names.

painted solar system

Adults and kiddos alike will enjoy studying and putting together this model solar system. Be creative and paint the planets colors you see fit. Explore NASA's website and learn facts about our solar system. Tons of great pictures, videos, and interactive tools. There is an awesome kids section that includes games, coloring, and puzzles.

signature on pink background color mixing

We all need a signature color. A color we love to wear, love to look at and love to create with. Help your kiddos find their signature color in this simple activity.

poured sprinkles with red numbers

It's SPRINKLES! Remember that old commercial where the dog would say "it's BACON!" and run around the house chasing the smell? That's kind of how I feel when I hear a sprinkle shaker. It's SPRINKLES!

blue barbie shoes

Let's pair up some shoes in this activity! You can totally use real shoes, we just think Barbie shoes are super cute. That girl must have spectacular calf muscles.

illustrated yawn on green background

Yawning can occur at any time. When you're tired, feeling lazy, or even engaged in an exciting activity like canoeing. But did you know that you can even yawn in the womb? It's true, my doctor told me. We examine yawns in this activity.