insect and bug unit study homeschool

Insects are fascinating. Did you know that a bug is a type of insect? I always thought that bug was the overreaching term for insect, but I was wrong. What makes an insect a bug is the type of mouth it has. Where did I learn this important piece of information you might ask? An encyclopedia? Try again. A consult with an entomologist? Nope. The Internet? Nota. It was from Fly Guy of course. He would know.


We have been spending the last few weeks learning about insects and have compiled the ultimate insect unit study. Check it out!

indoor kids fitness exercise roundup

Check out seven of our favorite indoor fitness activities to keep kiddos moving.

blue and pink icecubes on paper

Using atypical tools to make art mixes things up a bit. Freeze those fingertips with these ice "brushes" or let the ice cubes melt on their own. You probably have all the supplies already at home for this one.