kid jumping on trampoline

We discuss three ways to JUMP in part three of our Fitness in February Series. The kiddos absolute favorite is included - the trampoline! Trampolines are awesome because they burn a ton of energy. Check out the details below.

black spiral journal and colored pencils

Journaling is a essential part of our homeschool. It takes many forms, and often doesn't include any words. It's a time to be still. Just having a small book or stash of paper where kiddos can pen their thoughts or feelings through notes and pictures is all you need. That and some fancy colored pencils or markers. Oh, and a comfy bean bag chair. Maybe a glass of water.

"knock knock"

Telling jokes is a serious life skill. Think about it, don't you like to spend time with people that make you laugh? I sure do, and that is why we encourage joke telling in our house. The made up kind are the best. Kids are naturally silly so you don't need to do much to develop that funny bone.