easter egg hunt alternatives

Building with blocks is a huge pastime in our house. Kiddos and adults come together to create amazing things. We've recently graduated from DUPLO blocks to LEGO blocks and our creations have become that much more exciting and intricate. With egg hunting season right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to add some strategy to the hunt and extend the activity to last longer than it takes to gobble down handfuls of jelly beans.

family love songs

We've compiled a list of our 14 favorite kid-friendly, heart-pumping jams in honor of Valentine's Day. You are required to be as dramatic and expressive as possible while singing along. Props and outrageous dance moves are encouraged. Sing like you mean it folks!


blue letter e in colorful lentils

Lentils aren't your typical sensory material, but these tiny little seeds provide a heftier medium than standard sand or salt for Montessori tray writing practice. Leave them dry as is, or add some paint for color and texture.

glass jar filled with colored pasta

A canning jar is the perfect container to display layers of colorful pasta. Lay out piles of colored pasta for kiddos to build their own jar full. You could really use any material for filling the jar (rice, lentils, beans), but using shaped pasta helps add some texture to the task. You can also talk about all the shapes as they fill. Plus, the shapped pasta adds an extra challenge for fitting the pasta in the jar just right - think Tetris!

pink boombox

We prefer the original The Loco-Motion by Little Eva, but I have to admit the Kylie Minogue version from the late 80's was pretty rad. I took school photos in a dress just like she wore in the video. I had crimped hair. Man, those were the days.

blue letters in red bucket

We themed this activity to celebrate the U.S. 4th of July holiday, but it's not necessary to include a theme (although themes make everything better - kinda like butter does.) Letter launch can be enjoyed indoors or out. Using a metal bucket helps the magnetic letters stick giving a wee advantage. Be sure to download our simple star template to accessorize your bucket.