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lego engineering for easter eggs
easter egg hunt alternatives

Building with blocks is a huge pastime in our house. Kiddos and adults come together to create amazing things. We've recently graduated from DUPLO blocks to LEGO blocks and our creations have become that much more exciting and intricate. With egg hunting season right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to add some strategy to the hunt and extend the activity to last longer than it takes to gobble down handfuls of jelly beans.

The Lowdown: 
  1. Pop open the eggs and the LEGO set
  2. Fill the eggs with LEGO's. You don't want to overfill the eggs too much or else the LEGO's will go flying when the kiddos open the eggs and you may have to crawl around looking for lost pieces. Not that I speak from experience or anything.
  3. Hide the eggs. 
  4. Leave the instruction booklet in a place where kiddos can happen upon it during their hunt. Maybe roll it up and tie it with a piece of ribbon so it is extra enticing.
  5. Set the hunters free! Once all the eggs are collected and LEGO's are piled high, have kiddos get to work on building their sets. You might even get lucky and score a few hours (maybe minutes) of quiet to sit down and enjoy some jelly beans of your own. You're welcome!

ALTERNATIVES: You could completely free form this activity and skip the instruction booklet. Just put some LEGO's in the eggs and see what kiddos come up with on their own. The DUPLO's would work for younger kiddos if you used jumbo eggs. I've even seen people use puzzle pieces in eggs. Genius!


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Explore More: 
  • Watch A LEGO Brickumentary on Amazon. You will learn more than you ever needed to know about LEGO culture. We were very inspired after viewing. It's free with AMAZON PRIME!
  • Take a gander at The Lego Ideas Book
  • Go to a LEGO convention. We are saving our clams for a visit to BrickCon in Seattle.
The Flipside: 
  • Check out our Mood Easter Eggs using heat-sensitive, color changing pigment. These were a HUGE hit in our house!

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