L is for Lowercase Lentils

blue cookie tray full of colorful lentils
blue letter e in colorful lentils

Lentils aren't your typical sensory material, but these tiny little seeds provide a heftier medium than standard sand or salt for Montessori tray writing practice. Leave them dry as is, or add some paint for color and texture.


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Fancify It: 
The Lowdown: 

If fancifying, spray paint cookie sheet following can directions. Let dry.

  1. Pour two cups or so of lentils into a bag.
  2. Add color to desired saturation.
  3. Close bag and shake to coat lentils.
  4. Pour out onto foil-lined cookie sheet. Repeat steps 1-4 for multiple paint colors. Let dry overnight.
  5. Mix dried lentils together and spread onto cookie sheet.
  6. Encourage kiddos to use their fingers or pointer to trace lowercase letters into lentils.
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