M is for Match Colors: Montessori Inspired Sensorial Activity

montessori color tablets lesson
paint chips preschool colors
color matching lesson
montessori color tablets lesson

Paint chips are the perfect, free tool for teaching kiddos about color. A Montessori Color Tablets Box is a fantastic and beautiful tool, but might be something to save up for. Paint chips are a nice alternative. In this activity, we sort different tones, tints and shades of the same hues and then we tuck them all away in a matching envelope.


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  • Paint Chips (see hardware store for best selection)
  • Envelopes - coordinate with paint chips
The Lowdown: 
  1. Pick out different shades, tones, and tints of paint chips to coordinate with chosen envelopes. Four or five for each color will do. Repeat for all colors you chose.
  2. Scatter all of the different shades, tones, and tints of colors and ask kiddos to place the appropriate ones into the coordinating envelope. (All the types of pink into the pink envelope.) Repeat for all colors.


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