Motor Skills

montessori color tablets lesson

Paint chips are the perfect, free tool for teaching kiddos about color. A Montessori Color Tablets Box is a fantastic and beautiful tool, but might be something to save up for. Paint chips are a nice alternative. In this activity, we sort different tones, tints and shades of the same hues and then we tuck them all away in a matching envelope...

montessori multiplication board printable

We purchased a Multiplication Board a few months back, and really enjoy using it. The kiddos use it for multiplication practice, but also for fine motor work. Quality Montessori materials are worth the investment, but can be a little overwhelming to your homeschool budget. Check out our printable...

montessori color matching printable

Up, up and away! Have you ever been to a hot air balloon take off? AMAZING! We went for the the first time a few weeks ago and I fell in love. Seeing hot air balloons lift off is spectacular. We were inspired to put together a few activities to go with our Buoyant Balloons printable pack. Download your copy and check out our color matching fun now.

mini flags and montessori practical life

The kiddos are really into flags lately so we decided to do a little mini-unit introduction to flags. We worked in a few Montessori inspired activities as well as a little art and game play. The study ended up being the perfect timing to help us begin celebrating the US Independence holiday. Score!

gross motor math using pedometer

I've always found pedometers to be motivating when it comes to fitness goals. They are a little reminder of what you've accomplished (or still need to!) in a day. We invested in some fairly inexpensive pedometers for the whole family hoping that these little accessories would help with motivating the kiddos, too. It's working! Better yet, we've even found ways to use the pedometer for learning.

ping pong gross motor activity

Get ready to print some awesome gross and fine motor fun! Gemstone Games includes five colorful gemstone inspired games including Blingo (our version of bingo), Gem Pong Drop, Gem Match, Gemory, and the adorable and popular Ring Toss with freaky fingers! Games can be played indoors or out. Our preschooler loves playing Gemory and Gem Match by herself.

kids gross motor bowling ball painting

Getting messy is the little man's favorite thing to do. He also likes being outside and he loves doing things his older sisters get to do. So naturally, bowling with paint seemed like the perfect activity to keep him busy. This is also a great gross motor activity for the older kiddos.

coloring changing bracelets

The kiddos had a ton of fun making these bracelets! They ran from inside, to outside, and then back in giggling and hiding inside a dark closet. The beads are clear when you're inside, change to color outside in sunlight, and then glow in the dark. Yep, they are that awesome. The color changes amazingly fast and is so vibrant. We added an element of intrigue by coding the bracelets to reveal secret messages when they change.

insect and bug unit study homeschool

Insects are fascinating. Did you know that a bug is a type of insect? I always thought that bug was the overreaching term for insect, but I was wrong. What makes an insect a bug is the type of mouth it has. Where did I learn this important piece of information you might ask? An encyclopedia? Try again. A consult with an entomologist? Nope. The Internet? Nota. It was from...

baby gross motor with bubble wrap

We are guest posting today over at the awesome site The Inspired Treehouse for their Movement Monday series. YAY! Lauren and Claire are moms and pediatric occupational and physical therapists. Their site, The Inspired Treehouse is filled with activities to inspire us to keep moving. They have kindly asked us to share three activities that promote gross motor skills. We love moving and are super excited to share! Check out the details of our first...

fine motor skills rubber band and wiffle ball

We went super simple with this fine motor activity. I poured out a big bag of rubber bands and the kiddos got to work stretching them onto to plastic balls. As a bonus, the rubber bands made the balls extra bouncy!

indoor kids fitness exercise roundup

Check out seven of our favorite indoor fitness activities to keep kiddos moving.

yoga poses nomenclature cards

I may have mentioned before that we love Yoga! Our style is a mash up of several different types of Yoga. We have poses that we practice regularly and so many have great names. The kiddos often call out a pose and quickly jump into form. We developed some basic Yoga Poses Nomenclature Cards to share. They are set up in a Montessori 3-part format, but please use them as you see fit. I would recommend printing them on...

rainbow thunder stix DIY

We have a serious tape problem in our house. We never have enough of it! I have set out to change this by buying it in bulk. When I came across this pack of rainbow colors electrical tape I fell in love. I looked very similar to that heart-shaped eyes emoji. Of course, I...

DIY flowered swim cap

Installment number five for Fitness in February brings us indoor swimming! Ok, hear me out. This version of swimming doesn't actually include water, but it does include a gorgeous DIY pretend play swim cap. The kiddos had a really good time with this one. We even got the baby to chase us around like he was a shark. Check out the details below!

melissa and doug yellow and black puzzle pieces preschool

We LOVE puzzles. A treasured tradition for many holidays, is coming together as a family and putting a large puzzle together. They play a big part in our homeschool as well. We pull out a puzzle a minimum of three times a week. Puzzles focus and relax us, but more importantly they bring us together.

sight word charades graphic

Playing charades with kiddos is quite entertaining. They strive to express themselves without using words and that's no small feat when you're five. Testing their sight word recall is an added bonus in this version of the game. We've included a sight word game card printable so you can play, too. Enjoy!

kid jumping on trampoline

We discuss three ways to JUMP in part three of our Fitness in February Series. The kiddos absolute favorite is included - the trampoline! Trampolines are awesome because they burn a ton of energy. Check out the details below.

wheel of fitness jumping jacks

Wheel of Fitness! Adding an element of suspense to exercise can be fun for everyone. Let chance decide the next move in your routine. Check out the lowdown below.

yoga kids fitness gross motor

Here is post one of our Fitness in February series! We open with our family favorite exercise - YOGA! Yoga has only been in our lives for six months, but it has quickly become the number one go-to in our fitness rotation. Check out the supplies list for our favorite yoga essentials.

kids fitness series

Welcome to our Fitness in February series! Winter is always a challenging time for us to keep active. Rain and cold weather don't motivate us as well as sunshine does. Finding indoor outlets that keep our attention seriously tests our creativity. We are stepping up our game this month, working hard to keep the eager Ed kiddos active indoors. Our hope is that this series will help you find some new energy busters for your littles. Each week in February, we will be sharing ideas so be sure to check back throughout the month. We'd love to hear...

mini red and pink scrolls in glass bottle

We are learning Dolch pre-primer sight words at our house and are always looking for ways to test our kiddos. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we decided to incorporate a little pink and red with our messages in a bottle activity for sight word practice. Kiddos can shake and shout to their heart's content. Warning: You will be singing that...

fine motor and color activity

We connect fine motor practice and color matching in this activity. There is something kiddos find captivating about using clothespins and clips. We used hearts for our garland in preparation for Valentine's Day. It makes a great activity or decoration for a Valentine's PARTY! We like to party around here.

family love songs

We've compiled a list of our 14 favorite kid-friendly, heart-pumping jams in honor of Valentine's Day. You are required to be as dramatic and expressive as possible while singing along. Props and outrageous dance moves are encouraged. Sing like you mean it folks!


splatter paint

Splatter painting produces stunning art pieces and gets kiddos moving. See how consumed by art they get once they have the freedom to get messy.

blue boombox

Let's twist! The twist is just plain fun to do. Show your kiddos how to move. Remember, this is another important life skill. Think of all those wedding receptions they'll attend. It's either this or the Macarena. You decide.

orange and red zippers

Zippers are all around us and teaching your kiddo to use one will save literally seconds of valuable time. Plus, it gives them independence and they love that.

green boombox

Shake it to the left, shake it to the right, and break it down with this classic hit. Our kiddos beg for music and this is a fun one to practice identifying your left and right.

yellow eyes

Strengthen fine motor skills while giggling! Throw in some color name quizzing and this project is doing double-duty. We love this FREE eye printable. Download yours now!

bucket of sand with camel and shovel

Digging is fun. When we're not at the beach digging, we're usually in our backyard digging in the garden or at our sand table. This is a smaller scale digging activity that includes desert animals and play shovels. After digging for a bit, the kids ditched the shovel to use their hands instead.

bejeweled birdhouse craft

Doesn't every bird deserve a bejeweled birdhouse? Actually, this one lives indoors because it's just too pretty and we didn't want any real birds taking away our jewels. We used some fancy fine motor skills to create this bluebird's house.