diy montessori place value mat

Hands on math is the best kind of math. That's one of the reasons I love Montessori so much. Kiddos put down the pencils and use all sorts of interesting objects to absorb math concepts. Using a large mat made learning place value a cinch. Here are a few super easy DIY instructions so you can make your own.

gross motor math using pedometer

I've always found pedometers to be motivating when it comes to fitness goals. They are a little reminder of what you've accomplished (or still need to!) in a day. We invested in some fairly inexpensive pedometers for the whole family hoping that these little accessories would help with motivating the kiddos, too. It's working! Better yet, we've even found ways to use the pedometer for learning.

polish silver montessori practical life

Practical Life exercises are my favorite part of Montessori at home. These lessons are equipping kiddos with the skill set that allows them to be independent and master everyday tasks such as food preparation or personal care on their own. Practical Life also gives me a chance to teach them about less common (or long forgotten) tasks like hanging clothes to dry, sewing without a machine or polishing silver. With modern conveniences, we don't do as many things by hand and I don't want the kiddos to miss out on the satisfaction of completing something that takes time, effort and patience. Enough about me already, onto polishing silver.

melissa and doug yellow and black puzzle pieces preschool

We LOVE puzzles. A treasured tradition for many holidays, is coming together as a family and putting a large puzzle together. They play a big part in our homeschool as well. We pull out a puzzle a minimum of three times a week. Puzzles focus and relax us, but more importantly they bring us together.

do a dot purple and green heart valentines

We love using Do A Dot markers to dot our way through the day. My three year old especially enjoys them and so we came up with a way for her to show off her polka dot skills and create Valentine art for her dada.

black and white paper flowers

Print pleasant petals to produce a pretty posy. Or, you can just download our FREE Roses printable and kiddos can color to their liking. We've included a color version as well.

gold popcorn rhinestone ED find it jar

Find-it jars are fun. This one is a little over the top, but that just makes it EXTRA fun. Popcorn in a jar has the added benefit of being noisy. Enjoy!

racecar with yellow background

I had an early intro into palindromes. My mom's name is one - ANNA. There is also AVA, OTTO, EVE, BOB, ELLE. Look around, palindrome's are everywhere.

red blue silver glitter quilt square

Make your own puzzle using our FREE Patriotic Patchwork printable! We call these quilt square puzzles in our house and primarily use foam and felt for the pieces. You could easily use scrapbook paper, colored cardstock, cardboard, or crazy printed fabric instead. After you fall in love with this freebie, check out our Quilt Quandaries pack for even more stun fun!