montessori sensorial activity

Replicating a scene from a photo can provide an interesting challenge for kiddos. They can hone their attention to detail, build spatial awareness and learn from trial and error. We present two activities: one Montessori-inspired and one on a larger scale.

fine motor skills rubber band and wiffle ball

We went super simple with this fine motor activity. I poured out a big bag of rubber bands and the kiddos got to work stretching them onto to plastic balls. As a bonus, the rubber bands made the balls extra bouncy!

rainbow thunder stix DIY

We have a serious tape problem in our house. We never have enough of it! I have set out to change this by buying it in bulk. When I came across this pack of rainbow colors electrical tape I fell in love. I looked very similar to that heart-shaped eyes emoji. Of course, I may have gone a little overboard with taping things, but I needed to explore the range of this pack of tape. These Rainbow Rattle Stix are inspired by Thunder Sticks which are a huge part of sporting events. They are loud and fun. Ours are definitely not as noisy, but still fun.

crown printable

Design your own crown with our FREE Crown Template. Be sure to add lots of color and bling to make it fit for royalty.

preschool kids paper rocket

These paper rockets give paper airplanes a run for their money. They can't fly on their own, but insert a tiny hand into the rocket handle, and you've got a real pilot in your sights. Download your FREE rocket template now!

mini gold trophy

Competition is often encouraged in our house. It adds a certain amount of drive to completing tasks. Making a race out of an activity that isn't favored (cleaning, dressing, etc.) is great motivation for getting it completed. Sometimes even without whining and groaning. We ALL win!