R is for Replicate

montessori spatial awareness trays
replicate a pattern activity for kids

Replicating a scene from a photo can provide an interesting challenge for kiddos. They can hone their attention to detail, build spatial awareness and learn from trial and error. We present two activities: one Montessori-inspired and one on a larger scale.


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The kiddos are way into tools right now, so we themed our photos and materials accordingly, but customize to whatever is available to you.

The Lowdown: 

For Montessori-Inspired Sensorial Activity (top photo above)

  • Setup the trays with materials. Photograph them. Print out photos. Present kiddos with empty trays, photos and materials. They have a built in control of error because of the photos and the exact number of materials.

For Larger Activity

  • Setup workbench with tools. Photograph the workbench. Print out photos. Empty the workbench. Provide photos and tools to kiddos and ask them to build the workbench exactly as the photo. This is a great activity for working as a team.

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