montessori at home

Today we are honored to have a guest post from John Bowman on sequencing in Montessori. John is the author of my favorite homeschool resource - Montessori At Home! My kiddos fit perfectly into the 3 to 6 year age range appropriate for this book and I have found Montessori at Home indispensable to our family. It is packed full of information on Montessori and over 300 learning materials and activities. Take it away John!



preschool anatomy surgery pretend play

I may have even out-weirded myself in this activity. When you ask your husband to help you fill a human torso mannequin with JELL-O and toy human organs so the kids can pretend they are surgeons, it may be time for some self-evaluation. Of course, it's true love when your husband doesn't bat an eye and actually suggests ideas to improve the process. We are weirdos meant for each other. The kiddos weren't shocked with this one and have asked to repeat the activity multiple times. Who knew a human torso mannequin could...

scholastic reading club box of books doorstep

Did you know that homeschoolers can sign up for the Scholastic Reading Club? YES! You can and it's amazing! We've been members since October last year and love it. There is nothing better than a big box of books arriving on your doorstep. This month, our order was filled with books about insects. Fly Guy anyone? If you haven't checked out Fly...

montessori moveable alphabet spelling game

When we made the decision to homeschool our kiddos I knew I wanted to incorporate Montessori methods into their learning. In fact, I'd say we began at least a little bit of Montessori when the oldest kiddos were babies. Montessori just feels like a natural approach to early learning. I think it fosters independent learning and that is the primary goal of our homeschool.


Now, we have a diverse approach to curriculum in our house. Some say scattered, I say eclectic. We learn from all sorts of methods and...

summer flower bulbs

Bulbs are an easy way to plant beautiful flowers. You buy the bulbs, throw them in some dirt and in a few short months you will have gorgeous flowers. Easy peasy! Kiddos will love putting on their gloves and digging holes. Check out our recommendations for bulbs you plant in Spring for Summer flowering.

st patricks day in the morning inspired art

Jan Brett is one of our favorite authors and illustrators. When we stumbled upon St. Patrick's Day in the Morning by Eve Bunting, we were delighted to see Jan's illustrations. The technique of using black and white drawings with hints of yellow and green really inspired us....

DIY flowered swim cap

Installment number five for Fitness in February brings us indoor swimming! Ok, hear me out. This version of swimming doesn't actually include water, but it does include a gorgeous DIY pretend play swim cap. The kiddos had a really good time with this one. We even got the baby to chase us around like he was a shark. Check out the details below!

sight word charades graphic

Playing charades with kiddos is quite entertaining. They strive to express themselves without using words and that's no small feat when you're five. Testing their sight word recall is an added bonus in this version of the game. We've included a sight word game card printable so you can play, too. Enjoy!

mini red and pink scrolls in glass bottle

We are learning Dolch pre-primer sight words at our house and are always looking for ways to test our kiddos. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we decided to incorporate a little pink and red with our messages in a bottle activity for sight word practice. Kiddos can shake and shout to their heart's content. Warning: You will be singing that...

splatter paint

Splatter painting produces stunning art pieces and gets kiddos moving. See how consumed by art they get once they have the freedom to get messy.

symphony in b toy

The kiddos got their Symphony in B a few years back. It continues to be a favorite musical toy. They enjoy exploring the different sounds and learning the wide range of instrument names.

painted solar system

Adults and kiddos alike will enjoy studying and putting together this model solar system. Be creative and paint the planets colors you see fit. Explore NASA's website and learn facts about our solar system. Tons of great pictures, videos, and interactive tools. There is an awesome kids section that includes games, coloring, and puzzles.

signature on pink background color mixing

We all need a signature color. A color we love to wear, love to look at and love to create with. Help your kiddos find their signature color in this simple activity.

blue barbie shoes

Let's pair up some shoes in this activity! You can totally use real shoes, we just think Barbie shoes are super cute. That girl must have spectacular calf muscles.

painted shapes with texture stamps

Be warned:  these textured foam blocks will haunt you. Bring them into your house and they will never go away. They spread quickly, and seem to multiply over time. I find them under the couch, in the bathtub, outside, and now with the art supplies. They do make great stamps though, so go get some. Just...

red and blue rice with gold stars sensory bag

We had a lot of giggles going on when we did this sensory activity. The kiddos thought it was hilarious to stick their hands blindly into the bag and feel around for the stars. They had to rely on their sense of touch without the benefit of seeing the contents of the bag. It was a blast!