S is for Star Search

kids star sensory bag
blue felt bag with red star
sense of touch rice sensory
simple sensory bag with rice

We had a lot of giggles going on when we did this sensory activity. The kiddos thought it was hilarious to stick their hands blindly into the bag and feel around for the stars. They had to rely on their sense of touch without the benefit of seeing the contents of the bag. It was a blast!


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Fancify It: 
The Lowdown: 

If fancifying, make your own bag by printing star and use to cut out shape on red felt, set aside. Take blue felt and lay flat. Turn up one short end of felt half an inch and sew hem in place. Repeat for opposite short end. Place and sew red star onto front of bag. Finish bag folding blue felt in half, right sides facing and sew both side seams (long edges) together. Turn bag inside out so the star is on the outside of the bag.

  1. Spray paint stars per can instructions. Let dry.
  2. Pour 3 cups of rice into a plastic bag. Add five to ten drops of blue food coloring. Seal and shake bag to coat rice. Add more coloring until you reach your desired saturation. Repeat for red rice. Dry overnight.
  3. Pour rice and stars into bag. Have kiddos dig in and search for stars. See how many they can find without looking.
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