blue boombox

Let's twist! The twist is just plain fun to do. Show your kiddos how to move. Remember, this is another important life skill. Think of all those wedding receptions they'll attend. It's either this or the Macarena. You decide.

thank you cards

Saying thank you is so important. The receiver of the thank you feels special, and the sender of the thanks feels good, too. Taking the time to create and hand write a thank you card is something we do often. The kiddos tailor each note based on what they are thankful for and who is receiving it. It's a nice way for us all to stay connected.

blue treasure chest

In honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day, (yes we celebrate everything in our house) we bring you treasure! Pair this with our X Marks the Spot activity and you'll be all set for September 19th.