preschool science

We enjoy when our homeschool subjects overlap. In this case, it was art plus science and Valentine's Day seemed like the perfect day to make our mini volcano sculptures that we then had to demolish with baking soda and vinegar lava explosions. Fun!

preschool election day explanation apple tasting

With Election Day upon us, I thought it might be a good chance to give the kiddos an introduction to voting and the election process. We have been munching through our latest apple picking bounty and it dawned on me this may be the perfect medium to assist me with this task. If you haven't been apple picking before, I HIGHLY recommend the outing. The crisp Fall air and spectacular orchard views will put everyone in a good mood; not to mention the fact that you get to eat perfect apples fresh from tree!

DIY french vocabulary cards

We are learning French as a family (in hopes of future travels) and are always looking for ways to expand our vocabulary. This idea came to us when we were combing through home magazines for a collage. Our three year old was saying the names of all the things she was cutting out and we expanded on this by gluing the pictures onto cards and writing the word in French.

orange and red painting with hearts

Painting is a regular thing in our house. We mostly use paper, but sometimes we get fancy with a canvas. This invitation to create started clean, composed and with purpose. It ended with handprints on walls and a load of laundry. We think it was well worth it for this beautiful Valentine canvas. It's off to dry for daddy's office!

silver toy car letter e

Cars make brilliant backdrops for displaying letters. We were thinking race cars with sponsorships on them when we crafted this one. We spray painted the cars ahead of time to get an even coat, but you could bring kiddos in on the action and have them hand paint the cars instead.