V is for Valentine Canvas

kids invitation to create with canvas
kids invitation to create with canvas
kid painting on canvas
kids painting orange and red hearts
kids hands fingerpainting
red and orange canvas painting

Painting is a regular thing in our house. We mostly use paper, but sometimes we get fancy with a canvas. This invitation to create started clean, composed and with purpose. It ended with handprints on walls and a load of laundry. We think it was well worth it for this beautiful Valentine canvas. It's off to dry for daddy's office!


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The Lowdown: 
  1. Lay down an old sheet or freezer paper to catch the paint mess/spills. Or, if you have super neat kids, skip this part.
  2. Set out paint brushes, paint, wooden hearts, and canvas. Say "create!"
  3. If they need a little inspiration, tell them it's for Valentine's Day.
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