V is for Volcano

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painting air dry clay volcano
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baking soda volcano
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We enjoy when our homeschool subjects overlap. In this case, it was art plus science and Valentine's Day seemed like the perfect day to make our mini volcano sculptures that we then had to demolish with baking soda and vinegar lava explosions. Fun!


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The Lowdown: 
  1. We started the art portion of our activity by molding little mini volcanoes with air dry clay. Don't worry too much about the shape of the volcano, just make sure you have a hollow part inside leading to a whole in the top where you can put the lava ingredients in later. We live in an extremely wet climate, so air drying would have taken eternity. Instead, I popped the minis in the oven on low for a half hour and they hardened up no problem.
  2. Next, we painted our volcanoes with acrylic paint and let dry (I put a fan on them to accelerate the process.)
  3. While the kiddos were singing love songs, I made little dishes of baking soda, and little cups of vinegar. I also gathered the glitter and food coloring and put the volcanoes onto paper plates.
  4. The last step is the science part. We began the lava by adding baking soda into the mouth of the volcano. Next we added the food coloring and then the glitter. The last and most spectacular ingredient to get the lava flowing was the vinegar! We started by adding droplets of vinegar, but that was no fun, so we moved onto pouring the vinegar and that produced the results we were looking for. 
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