V is for Voting and Election Day Apple Tasting Activity

election day kids activity
apple picking with kids
apple picking with kids
apple picking with kids
apple voting with kids
apple tasting with kids
election day kids activity apple tasting

With Election Day upon us, I thought it might be a good chance to give the kiddos an introduction to voting and the election process. We have been munching through our latest apple picking bounty and it dawned on me this may be the perfect medium to assist me with this task. If you haven't been apple picking before, I HIGHLY recommend the outing. The crisp Fall air and spectacular orchard views will put everyone in a good mood; not to mention the fact that you get to eat perfect apples fresh from tree!

  • Apples - I suggest getting 5 or 6 varieties so kiddos can really taste the differences.
  • Homemade ballot (if you desire)
The Lowdown: 
  1. We started our discussion of election day by going over the general idea of voting. Basically a group of people each giving their say (or vote) on a topic. I explained that in our country we vote to elect public officials or to pass decisions for our communities.
  2. Then I brought out the candidates, AKA - the apples and explained that we would be voting on which apple we think should win our apple tasting election.
  3. Next, the yummy part! I sliced up our apples and we patiently sampled each candidate.
  4. We kept it simple and raised our hands to cast votes for the apples, but you could make up little ballots if you have older kiddos to help out.
  5. And then we celebrated our election results by eating more apples. In case you're curious, despite my endorsement of Jonagold, Gala was our big winner.


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