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fall nature craft tree science

A xylotheque is a library of wood. It acts as a visual representation of a species of tree. Create your own xylotheque with materials from trees. This is an easier task after a windy day or storm when leaves and branches have fallen. Check your woodpile for bark or large splinters of wood.


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The Lowdown: 

If you like, paint the faux book or box ahead of time and let dry.

  1. Have kiddos collect tree parts - pine cones, bark, leaves, acorns, etc. If keeping project indoors, you may want to bake pine cones and acorns in oven at 200 degrees for 30 minutes to take care of bugs.
  2. Fill the book with your collected tree parts.
  3. Use a strong glue to apply bark to cover and/or spine of book. (A job for grownups.)
  4. Enjoy book one of your xylotheque!
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