yoga poses nomenclature cards

I may have mentioned before that we love Yoga! Our style is a mash up of several different types of Yoga. We have poses that we practice regularly and so many have great names. The kiddos often call out a pose and quickly jump into form. We developed some basic Yoga Poses Nomenclature Cards to share. They are set up in a Montessori 3-part format, but please use them as you see fit. I would recommend printing them on cardstock or even laminating for durability. Enjoy!

yoga kids fitness gross motor

Here is post one of our Fitness in February series! We open with our family favorite exercise - YOGA! Yoga has only been in our lives for six months, but it has quickly become the number one go-to in our fitness rotation. Check out the supplies list for our favorite yoga essentials.

yurts made out of toothpicks and yogurt cups

Coming up with ways to reuse waste stretches your brain. My kidlets are constantly digging into the recycling to make elaborate machines. In this activity, we make yurts using empty yogurt containers. Yurts are intriguing architecture that is both functional and symbolic. Learn more about yurts at NationalGeographic.com

illustrated yawn on green background

Yawning can occur at any time. When you're tired, feeling lazy, or even engaged in an exciting activity like canoeing. But did you know that you can even yawn in the womb? It's true, my doctor told me. We examine yawns in this activity.

yellow orange white yarn art

Yarn can be used for so many different art projects! It's totally worth keeping a stash of different colors tucked away in a drawer. In this activity, we create trails of glue on paper and lay yarn on top. It creates colorful art with dimension and texture. Simple dimple!